Travel Tips written by: angus koolbreeze

Travel Tips written by: angus koolbreeze


Before traveling anywhere in the world, there are basic things you should do before leaving the United States to ensure safety and that you have a good time while in another part of the world. These {best travel tips} are based on mistakes commonly made on trips that have been made by people in the past. These are things that people do–or forget to do–that could lead to bad memories surrounding the trip.


1. Take anti-bug spray with you. Treat your clothes with it before you leave. This is one of the {best travel tips} to follow, especially with the emergence of the Zika virus. The virus may never affect you personally, but if you’re a woman of childbearing age, you should especially do this. This virus can cause your child to be born with encephalitis, a lifetime condition that could have been easily avoided.

2. Call your bank or credit card company to make sure that the bank will not put a block on your account should they see a lot of charges from a foreign country. This is a move they will do in the name of protecting you from someone who may be trying to pose as you and use your card while out of the country.

3. Make copies of your passport and other important papers before leaving the country. This is to protect you in case you lose your passport. Take a copy with you, then leave another copy with a loved one–a spouse, a son or daughter, or a parent.

4. Don’t overpack. This is one of those {best travel tips} that you should follow in the event that you’re going to a country whose water supply has been known for its contamination. It could cost you much money to do laundry in these countries. Mexico and Guatemala, for example, are known for their contaminated water supply. For what could happen is that you may have to leave half your wardrobe in that country, because you lack the time to wash and dry your clothes. Take only what you are going to wear over the time that you are going to be abroad. If you are going to be out of the country for six days, for example, take six days worth of clothes, including five days worth of sleepwear.

5. Leave a contact number in case of emergency. Preferably, leave the number for the embassy of the country you are visiting. This way, if nobody has heard from you in a few days, they can contact the embassy, and someone can let you know that a friend or relative is trying to reach you to see if you are all right.

6. Do not take anything that can be construed as a weapon. In the post-September 11th society in which we live, tools can even be construed as a weapon. And assume customs is going to strip-search you. There is too much tragedy going on in the world today to ignore this tip. You will be detained, and probably arrested and deported. If it happens stateside, you may end up going to prison for a very long time.


These {best travel tips} have been aimed at helping you to have a good time, but to think things through before you leave, and refrain from doing anything to spoil your trip. If you use a bit of conventional wisdom, you can enjoy the trip without the difficulties that can happen if you do not plan ahead.



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